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Our Promise to You

At Just4keepers we pride ourselves in our service, we have been running successfully for over a decade now and because most of the customers that purchase off our website train at a Just4keepers Goalkeeping training schools, we are obviously keen to provide them with a quality service as they are our students, so we want to look after them!

However, even if you are not a J4K student, we will still treat you with the same respect and consideration as our students.

Our promises:

Promise 1: At J4K we promise to get your order out when we state, so hopefully you will get your gear as requested.
If for whatever reason you do not receive your order within above timeframe, please call 267-702-5451 (j4k1) or e-mail 

Promise 2: We promise if you order the wrong size, we will replace your glove/order with no fuss. The only thing we ask is your order is in the same condition it was originally sent to you. If the packaging is ripped or your ordered item (s) are dirty etc, I am sure you understand we cannot replace. When we are ready to send out your new order, we will contact you and ask for the Shipping and Handling to be deposited into our account.

Promise 3: If you email J4K for help or advice, to we will answer your query within 24 hours.

Promise 4: We promise to keep your details private. We will NEVER sell your email details or pass to a third party.

Promise 5: We promise to make your ordering process simple and if you have ANY problem, we will look to resolve this problem as urgently as we can for you.

Promise 6: We promise our gloves will be of ‘High Professional Standard’ and that we will keep selling them at a very fair price!

To Date, we have not had ONE complaint from our customers... we plan to keep it this way!

We are here to provide a quality service for you!

The J4K team