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Glove Care

Caring for your gloves!!!

The keepers in our program will know that keep asking them are their gloves clean.  One of the keepers even told me that their team coach had told her not to clean them as this would be bad luck.  WRONG!!!  One keeper even told me his gloves were in the washing machine!! 


We thought it would be a good idea to have a lesson in glove care.  Keeping gloves clean, improves the grip, helps remove any odors and extends the life of the glove.


When are your gloves at their best?  Correct, when they are new!! so ideally we want to try and keep them looking this way as much as possible.  Upon finishing practice or a game, wash your gloves as soon as possible.  There are several glove cleaners out there that can be used, personally we would suggest good old H20, You can get just as good a result by washing/rinsing with lukewarm water.  


Ideally, in a laundry tub, or even the bathtub put some water in the tub and put on one glove.  Get the glove soaking wet and make a fist and squeeze.  You will see the dirt on the glove start to come out.  With the glove still on and wet, rub the palms of the glove with the fingers on the other hand, the dirt will start to go away.  Keeper running the glove under clean water rinsing and rubbing until the dirt has gone.  When the glove is clean, wring it out and let it air dry, DO NOT PLACE NEAR A HEATER TO DRY AS THIS WILL BREAK DOWN THE GRIP AND THE GLOVES WILL FALL APART!!!  


If your gloves come in a bag, keep them in the bag when they are clean. This way you will know where they are and they will stay clean until you need them again.  

Ideally you would have a pair of gloves for practice and a pair for games. if this is not the case and you wear the same gloves for practice and games, then proper glove care is even more important.

What should I do with my gloves during a game? was a question recently asked.  It is important to keep the grip moist, this will increase the grip and stop the gloves becoming brittle and falling apart.  I used to run my gloves under a tap to get the them wet before the game and I also had a damp towel hanging on my net which I would go back to and squeeze to keep my gloves moist.  You will see people spitting on their gloves to keep them moist, this is a good idea to keep the palms moist, just make sure you have swallowed all you dinner before you do this so you don’t get food on your gloves, this doesn't help with the grip!!

Please pass this information on to your keeper/child.  This is a good way to teach them to be responsible for their belongings and help them with their goalkeeping.